What Happens on the Internet During A Single Minute?

What Happens on the Internet The world is an electronic one. Today, it’s all about the microchip and the megabit. The internet is the most advanced form of communications tool we’ve ever created. The sheer size and scale is staggering. Right now, over two billion of the

Metro UI Icon Set

Metro UI Icon Set Every now and then you come across a resource that stands head and shoulders above the rest. You know it when you see it, because you look at it and you say “wow this is really something!” Today’s free icon set is one

Fizz free WordPress Theme

Fizz Free WordPress Theme All over the web there are tons of free responsive WordPress themes. It’s amazing how quickly you can set up your own responsive website using WordPress and a beautiful WordPress theme. Whether you want to create your own personal blog, or you want

Buy Hosting, Install WordPress and Install Your Theme in 9 Minutes

Install WordPress – Buy Hosting, Install WordPress and Your Theme, too – In 9 minutes or less! Many people are intimidated when it comes to taking that first step to buying hosting, installing WordPress, and setting up their first WordPress theme. If you’re inexperienced with this it

Web Design Inspiration Week 4

Web Design Inspiration We all need a little inspiration sometimes. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. What better way to get inspired than to view great examples of web design work? Gathering inspiration from outside sources can help you to